Monday, February 24, 2014

Cruel world for Innocent soul

It has been a long while since I wrote the last post. Normally I only write when I'm in deeps***. The feeling of writing all the depression and frustration in writing, all these can become a history for me to look back and reflect what have happen in the past. Blog is becoming my personal diary where I wrote all my joys, tears and frustration.

The story begin during year end of 2013. I'm conducting some tasks without proper procedure and of course in term of compliance, I knew that I'm in trouble. Yet taking into the business risk and team reputation, if things didn't conduct in such manner, a lot of people rice bowl will dabao. Of course, I'm not a superhero where I can declare I'm saving a lot of people, but we are all in the same boat where if the boat sink, none of the people will survive. The intention of preventing the boat from sinking is the 'right' choice, the procedure wise is debatable. 

Now the boat has reached the destination, most of the people on the boat just go to shore and feel relieve that they have survived this project. The boatmen didn't feel this way, they are the one who execute, put all their efforts and brain in getting through the storm while preventing the boat from sinking. During the journey, boatmen have done things not according to procedure, yet managed to saved all the people life through the storm.

What really hurts when some of the passengers are accusing the boatmen of breaching the compliant or didn't follow the procedure and hand the boatmen to the authority. Sometimes, procedure are made to follow, of course there is always exceptional case. I'm not justifying that the action of boatmen is 'correct' yet the intention of saving people life in thunderstorm should take into consideration. Now that the authority is seeking any disciplinary actions to be taken to the boatmen. Pity all the boatmen, their actions now become their biggest liability because the management didn't take any required steps to defend the boatmen intention.

Now what will happen when the boatmen face the same passengers? Should the boatmen sink together with the passenger since boatmen didn't gain any benefits from saving the passengers and sail them to the journey.

I'm in such dilemma. I think in the long term, the boatmen and the passengers will not have mutual understanding and since boatmen can swim, may as well let the passengers to sink and die than saving them. Saving them is a liability, and the passenger will accuse you of breaching procedure. Don't you think it is a cruel world yet reality it require the survivor of the fittest?  

Principally, I'm not a such cruel boatmen. May be the culture is like this and every people is covering their a**. So next time, I have learned a lesson that cost me a lot. Of course, the young boatman has nothing to lose in this game. Some passengers are always covering their big fat a** and bite the boatmen when they arrived at their destination. 

Is a reality and cruel world for such innocent young boatman. T.T  

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