Tuesday, April 19, 2011

FYP Presentation

Final year project presentation. 24 hours before the presentation, I can see that many of my course mates put in their FB status that they are very nervous, counting down to few hours and so on. For me, I only managed to finish the slides one day before the presentation. It takes me 3 days to finish 29 slides, which I think is not productive. After finish my slides, I didn't give my supervisor to check and just use it for my presentation. Compared to other supervisor, who have mock presentation, going through the slides with their students etc. I understand that my supervisor is a busy man, he hardly have any time to meet me. So let it be since I know where is my capability.

On the day of presentation, I didn't memorize the slides at all. My plan is go inside the boardroom, read through the slides and finish. This is my initial plan. When I reached the presentation venue, to my surprise that there is many people who not yet finish present their project. The presentation has been delayed for 1 hour 30 minutes. I estimate that my presentation will start at 1.20, finish at 1.40pm, but the delay has screwed my plan. Going there and waiting for my turn, with my hungry stomach and my increased heartbeat, it really make me nervous. Luckily W bought some bread, consider that as my lunch. People go in and go out. My examiner, T has to examine 3 of us and I'm the last one in the list.

First people come out and she cried. I'm so shocked that she cry. Since she has the same supervisor with me, different topic yet the analysis of the result is the same. Few weeks before the submission of the report, she told me that her report is done. By the way, she is more hardworking compared to me, she done all the analysis in the middle of the semester, while I only finish nearly at the end of the semester. She told us that T said the analysis methods are too easy and inappropriate. She suggested to used uv methods (I have no idea at all) and so on. She come out with tears on her eyes. Pity her.

Second person go in. The second person is the most hardworking and most intelligent among our batch. Scoring first class for consecutive semester except one or two semester. She even memorized all her slides before presentation and keep repeating her speech. I admired her diligence and her efforts in academic. When I get mediocre result in the subjects, she can scored with flying colours (If you understand what I mean). If I can quantify her efforts, example if I spent 1000 calorie to do revision, she will spend 1M calorie to revise. I didn't notice her tears when I go in, she is cool in front of T. After my presentation, when I come out and only that I noticed she also cry, with tears in her eyes.

For me, I think that T treat me fine. Compared to the second person where she keep 'interrupt' her presentation, at least she allowed me to finish my slides. From introduction to conclusions. Of course, she did mention this and that, informed me that I am misleading and this and that. Few questions which I can't answer. But anyway, I am glad that I have survived boardroom drama and come out in one piece. Although I can't satisfy everybody expectation, yet I take pride of the efforts, the time spent and the works outcome. There is nothing to regret when I look back, cause I have done all the things within my means. I didn't come out with tears, I come out with glowing lights, with my pride and the feeling of a survivor in a terrible drama. It definitely will make me stronger in the future.

Then T come out and informed my course mate that you all are lucky for not having she as examiner. She said the 3 students all come out with tears (correction: except me). Thanks God that all the experience in the movement able to help me through. Compared to her, I have experienced people who truly harsh to me, people who keep spreading white terror and hope that you will give up. I can only say that experience help, in terms of physical and mental.

Is raining now and I wanna take a nap.



Ti Hooi said...

wah, seems very stressful. I'm also damn stressed, haven't submitted yet. I think I might flunk my project paper, shit.

微笑の站长 said...

Ur viva is scary! >.<

Yvonne said...

Anyway, GOOD JOB!

You have great attitude that make you stand out!

Anonymous said...

Not wise to share ppl's failure and tears.

Ryan Gan said...

Dear Anonymous,

The whole point is not share people's failure and tears. U gonna understand how tense is the situation when you are examined by her. Well, I guess u not gonna meet T anyway.