Monday, December 6, 2010

Married, What?

This morning, when I opened my Facebook account, I am shocked that one of my primary school classmate get married. From his photos, I saw their marriage ceremony and many of my primary school mates attended his wedding. Actually there is nothing to be surprise, normal couple get married in their 20+, especially in my age. Moreover, recently there is another friend who engaged.

But what shock me is he get married in such a young age. (For me, I consider young based on my benchmark, it may not applicable to everyone. I'm sorry if you guys not agree with me, I'm a very conservative in certain issue) Imagine to get marry, you need to have at least a house to stay and a car to travel. However, given the current standard of living, to own a house in Klang Valley is getting challenging, the interest rate is so high and you may need to pay mortgage for many years (approximate 15 years and above depending on your ability to pay). After getting married, there is another challenge - the baby. Baby needs milk, pampers, care-taking etc. All these does not come cheap in this era. Thinking and figuring out all the money needed make today's newlywed couple life full of challenge.

In my memory, he is an intelligent student in my class. He is able to get 1 -3 place in every exam every year. Even for me, I also lost to him. He is a capable student, he has been our class monitor for many years and many teachers have praised him for his intelligence and hard working. His mathematics is brilliant, always scored 100 marks. He told me before he learned mental arithmetic and this helped him a lot in mathematics. In secondary school, he has joined scout and actively involved in the uniform organization.

I thought he will not wed so early, he is a talented person who can aimed for the sky. Although getting marry didn't stop someone to climb higher, this may result in more burden for the person to bear. Career, wife, family etc. In this aspect, I'm a very conservative person. Before a man get marry, at least he must have a home for shelter, a car to take him around and some cash to be spent. If you lack of any one aspect, then I think to postpone the marriage is a good suggestion. Chinese say 男人应该重视事业,尤其是年轻的男人. This may depends on individual value, although someone may not agree, but having a good foundation is better than nothing. At least a good foundation can withstand many unpredictable challenges that will come ahead.

Even though my value may be different from others, I still need to wish my friend happy wedding and both of you can live happily ever after. Finding a love one to spend the rest of the live is a noble act.

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Ti Hooi said...

Depends on how you define marriage lo. Is marriage equal to love? Is marriage a guarantee of love? Or is marriage representing a different stage of life? I think marriage is a long term promise given by both parties in a relationship. Somehow in today's society, this system doesn't always work out anymore. So at the end of the day, I think it has nothing much to do with other things in life. You can be married and poor, but live lovely life. You can be married and rich, but started cheating on one another.

I think you're talking about being stable in life, and I think it is not necessarily be measured with marriage. Why am I not married yet? Coz I am not proposed yet ;)