Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Food Poisoning, and it is suffering!

On Monday dawn, the time around 3.30pm, I wake up and heading straight to the toilet. Just before I reach the toilet bowl, my stomach feels like gonna erupt and my throat feels like going to burn, all of sudden, I have vomited all my dinner to the toilet bowl. It feel so suffering having to vomit at night and I have been in the toilet for 30 minutes. The vomit keep coming but I keep convince myself that everything is fine. But in the end I have to give up and put my finger in the throat to stimulate my stomach and throat. All I can feel is the food of my dinner but all is in semi-liquid solid form. I felt very difficult and suffering and I almost drop my tears. After finish vomiting, I head back to bed and start to worry that whether I will vomit during my sleep. Sitting on my bed and I start looking for oil to be rubbed to my stomach, at first I wanna ask my roommate to borrow me, but kind of feeling guilty to wake him up in the midnight, therefore I have to tahan for the whole night.

I woke up at Tuesday morning and felt dizzy, yet I have to go working thinking that I am fine after resting for the whole night. But it turned out wrong and around 10am, I informed my supervisor that I need to take medical leave because I am not feeling well. Then I heading straight to PKU at UPM to consult doctor. To my surprise, the doctor recommended me to take an injection. At first, I doubt whether I am going for that injection because I am afraid of injection. The doctor replied that it all depends on you, if you take the injection, you will recover faster. Tablets can be taken but the effect will slow. Then, looking at the recovery rate, I have decided to take the injection so that I can recover faster. Going to the treatment room sounds scary, in fact when I am waiting for my number to be called, I felt that may be I should take tablets rather than injection. Waiting for 5 minutes and they call my number, I heading to the treatment room and hope that I can finish all of this as soon as possible. The injection only take few minutes and I'm done. It has been a long time since I took any injection from doctor, hopefully I will not need it in future.

Doctor asked me whether I eat outside food the day before. I replied that I ate outside food everyday. I guess that I am experiencing food poisoning. What worse is that restaurant that I eat has record of hygienic problem. The restaurant has been closed for several times due to complaints from consumers regarding the hygienic problem. I can only blame it on myself for eating at there. Hence, I will stop eating there for a period of time until my phobia gone. Food poisoning is a bad experience for me and since that experience, I have started to eat my meal with more cautious.

Food poisoning is very serious case. If minor then you will experience vomit and diarrhea, if it is a major case, you may need to stay at hospital. Then for today dinner, I choose to eat McD because I thrust the hygienic level at McD is better. Hopefully I will recover soon. While enjoying McD, I am watch twillight on my computer. Oh my god, I just wish that I have a vampire friends, they are so cool. The ladies are hot and the men are handsome. Just wish that I am one of them and the food poisoning can't harm me. Just kidding!


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Anonymous said...

Next time have to be more cautious of taking outside food.Must see the environment of the place 1st. Anyway have a speedy recovery yea.