Monday, May 3, 2010


When your besties know your secret, it's a relief, not a burden anymore.

Secret is a piece of information that is only known by one person or a few people and should not be told to others. The intention of me writing this post is not to expose any secret, but to share the feeling of knowing someone secret. Knowing someone secret is never an easy job, especially secret that you wish that it is better to lie to you for the whole life.

Someone told me their secret and the way to handle the news is very important. I think if you think that we are really your besties, no matter how serious the impact to everyone, you should share with us. Especially through what we have gone through, we have walked the journey together as one without leaving anyone behind. I understand that sharing a secret must take into many considerations, our acceptance and reaction towards your secret. It will become a burden for you trying to leave some clue for us to guess, trying hard to be normal and assume that there is nothing to hide behind.

As you said earlier, when you revealed your secret you will feel relief. For me, as long as the secret are not against my principle that I believe, I think I can accept the secret quite well. If making a pre-assumption is a must for you before telling us your secret, that really hurts my heart. I sincerely hope that in future if you have any secret that you want to share with us, please share it without taking much considerations. After all the hardship and the happy moment that we went through, there is no secret that we can't share. In the previous incident, I think it is you who over considered that our reaction towards your secret. However, the result proved to us that we are still besties even after you told us the secret, nothing have change much except we get to know you better, understand your inner feeling and this has help to improve our friendship.

Whatever happen, good luck to you, my friend. Hope that you have the guts to chase your dream. Happy ending always waiting for people who have the guts to believe in their dreams.


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