Thursday, March 25, 2010


What a hectic week, this is what I can conclude.
Senior, junior and super junior are involved in the quarrel.
All this because of the esmp system and some selfish people.
I don't understand the point of register 4 courses while you only need 2.
Does these people know what is the feeling when you can't register even one course?
How do you portrait yourself among coursemate?
Please be more sensible to your fellow friends and drop the selfish attitude.
You only will make the situation worse.

To the senior,
You did mention that everyone also want to the best for them.
I agreed with you on that.
But you also mention the world would never be fair.
I totally disagreed on that.
If you think that the world will never be fair, then you should make it fair.
People want the best for them, but they can't achieve it by illegal ways or stepping others.
This is not the quality of people that our education system aim to produce.

To course mate,
Don't be so kiasu,
Don't be so selfish.
You only take whatever that you want.
There is no point you register all and in the end only need 2 subjects.
This kind of attitude will destroy your future.
This is still room of improvement before you start your career.

To juniors,
I very pity with you all for becoming the victim.
Let this be a lesson.
Try to think before you take any action.
Because every action has reaction.
Stop being a follower without think.
I'm sorry that my batch involve you all in this.

Let this be a lesson for all of us. Once bitten, twice shy.



j0nAthAn said...

hmmm I do that too. HAHAHAHAHAHA.. but.. eh.. go ask them to drop the course to you lah when they wanna drop it.

Ryan Gan said...


j0nAthAn said...

this is being smart.. and benefit ur frens too coz they can get the course from u when neeeded. sometimes even help register for friends when there's vacancy. haha.. jz in case

HsIM said...

see? everyone is just doing the same thing. U are angry is because you are the losing side. I don think that you will say so if u are the one who can grab the courses fast. from your post, i only can see that u are condemning us(not your gang). BUT YOU NEVER CONDEMN ABOUT YOUR FRIEND LOOI POH YI. she is the particular one who making so big chaos there. you noe why? it is just because she is your fren. you dare not condemn her. while u are making yourself like so great, so much philosophy.
IT IS SO STUPID that making things so big in facebook. from my observation, you never say she is wrong. but u turn your gun head to all of us. DO YOU NOE!? SHE GOT RESERVE MORE THAN 2 COURSES AS WELL DURING THE 1ST NIGHT OF REGISTRATION!!! DIN SEE YOU GO SCOLD HER? JUST BECAUSE SHE IS IN YOUR GANG!
if u are unhappy, you can talk to dr dayang and the ending is just good. we drop it with happy ending. sometimes even those malay coursemate think more mature u and handle things more mature than u. keep complaining and condemning in facebook is useless k!?
and also, go see other coursemate lah, example tan chin yang, cyndi soh, tai wai ling, siow zhi hong etc etc. all register >2 courses one all keep quiet! ALL YOUR GANG MEMBERS! how? never feel wan condemn them right? just because they are ur fren mah. nvr see you go say them selfish????

things are so realistic.

Ryan Gan said...

Sim, I didn't point my finger to particular people. If you look back at my post / FB, I only write to my COURSEMATE and didn't mention who. I also notice that many of them have registered for more than 2 courses, this is why I remind them on FB that no point to register more than what we need. I didn't point the gun to anyone and I also didn't mention particular people name. I just address this problem as general, hope that those who know what they are doing will soon do the right things. I hope that you understand.

Things are so realistic, I agreed with you. Those who are claimed to be your friend just assume nothing happen that night. I also can assume nothing happen, but I think it is important to make things clear and prevent the mistake from happening. We can choose to be the realistic one or the moderate one. The choice is always in our hand. What is past is past, there is no point to open up old wounds, old wounds that make our friendship sour. For me, to be a friend is better than to be enemy. I'm sorry that if my previous post annoy you.