Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Piss me off

The action by someone really piss me off. Some irresponsible people has uploaded my photos to a social network website. Her action has caused terrible uncomfort to me. I have warned her boyfriend that I dislike this type of activity and it is really an unhealthy culture. Yet he didn't stop her from doing, in fact he has assisted his gf from uploading photo to describing the photo.
What is the joy of doing this? If you really reading this blog, try to rethink what do you gain from this action? You are doing this without the owner will. Is it something that you have fun when doing it? Have you ever think of what other will think?

So many things happen, in fact your relationship with K is an uphill journey. So many people against your relationship and so many challenges you have gone through. You have reminded me many times that never tell anyone about that story. Well, I keep my promise and I never tell anyone about that. Now back to thist situation, I have reminded you that I'm against this activity and yet you are still doing it against my will. Try to put yourself in my shoe. Are you going to be happy when I tell your story to the whole UPM? The same feeling goes for me.

I respect your freedom of expression. As a human rights activists that champion human rights, equality and democracy, I agreed with freedom of expression. However, freedom come with responsibility. This has to come back to your responsibility when exercising your freedom and your rights. Don't abuse the freedom of expression for the sake of fun! As an ex-activist, surely you understand the concept of freedom of expression with responsibility. When you are exercising your rights, your action will bring consequences to others either direct or indirectly, whether you realize it or not.

Let me give you an example, when you post something regarding Jack Neo's scandal in social network website, the comments that you get is negative. What hurts the most is K's housemate cum sister label you negatively. This action has hurt K feelings. You have your rights to exercise freedom of expression, but when you are expressing something, the responsibility will fall on you. Your expression has triggered some negative comments, whether you realize it or not, the action will bring impact to someone. When someone feel the impact, they will react to it. Exercise your rights with responsible and gain people respect. But the outcome of your action has triggered negative reaction, in the end you have no choice but to delete the post. Put it in another way, let say you never write that post, surely you can avoid all these disaster. This is why I keep emphasize that exercising your rights and freedom with responsible. I thought that you have learned your lesson in this case but seems like you still didn't learn it. I wonder how many years do you need to learn this noble act - responsibility. You always take things for granted and becoming more irresponsible.

Lastly, you and K have exercise your rights, now is my turn to react. In future, think before you do.

P/s: My blog has becoming a place where I can write my feeling. When the ears are down, there is still blog for me to express my joy or sadness.



kathy said...

志杰啊.. sorry.. I know it is useless for me to say this but still.. dui bu qi..

Just wanna let you know..
Wei Sin tried to stop me when I'm uploading the photo..
but.. he cant stop me for what I wanna to do

I know I'm childish enough..
Thanks for reminding me because I need to respect for your right..
Promise you I'll learn from this mistake

maybe really like what you say I did this just for the sake of fun;
but, for the first time I met you, you are good looking for me, this also one of the reason I decided to upload your photo

all in all.. sorrrrrryyyyy @@

Ti Hooi said...

what's going on anyway?